A new Energy Recovery Facility for South Lanarkshire

Welcome to our virtual consultation regarding Viridor’s proposals to develop an Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) at Overwood Farm, on the Dovesdale Complex, 2km south-east of the village of Stonehouse. The proposed facility will transform non-recyclable waste into energy and other reusable by-products, creating enough electricity to power around 82,200 homes, over half the homes in South Lanarkshire (145,000 households in South Lanarkshire – https://www.southlanarkshire.gov.uk).

Key statistics

  • 82,200 homes

    Generating electricity to power 82,200 homes

  • Circular Economy

    Supporting Scottish Government's climate change and circular economy objectives

  • 330,000 tonnes

    Process 330,000 tonnes per annum of non-recyclable waste

  • 500 jobs

    Providing 500 jobs during construction

  • £1million

    Annual contribution to South Lanarkshire Council in business rates

  • 55 jobs

    Creating up-to 55 permanent full-time jobs when operational

Tell us what you think

Viridor is committed to engaging the public on our proposals for the site. We want to work with the community to shape our vision for the Overwood ERF and we want to hear your views. Please visit our Have Your Say page for details about our community engagement programme.

Have your say

Who is Viridor?

Viridor is one of the largest recycling, energy recovery and waste management companies in the UK, specialising in transforming waste into resources which can be returned to the circular economy.

We operate ten energy recovery facilities, including two in Scotland in Glasgow and Dunbar. These ten facilities produce enough electricity to power the equivalent of 500,000 homes.

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What is being proposed?

Viridor is proposing to develop a new state-of-the-art Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) at Overwood Farm, on the Dovesdale Complex, 2km south-east of the village of Stonehouse. The plans are designed to help Scotland deliver its forthcoming landfill ban in 2025.

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How does it work?

The facility would use safe and reliable technology to convert waste left over from the recycling process into energy and other reusable by-products.

The moving grate technology proposed for the site is a well-established, proven process used widely in ERFs throughout the world, including Viridor’s ERF at Dunbar.

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How far in the planning process are you?

We are currently undertaking a programme of consultation with the local community on our proposals. Feedback from this consultation process will be used to help inform the final design and assessments before a planning application is submitted to South Lanarkshire Council.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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