About the Project

Viridor is proposing to develop a new state-of-the-art Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) at Overwood Farm, on the Dovesdale Complex, 2km south-east of the village of Stonehouse in South Lanarkshire.

The Scottish Government will place a ban on landfilling biodegradable waste by December 2025. This date was originally scheduled for January 2021, but has been put back, in part, due to the lack of waste treatment infrastructure (including energy recovery facilities) available to meet the ban. By developing this facility, we will help to meet the need for waste treatment infrastructure in South Lanarkshire and the wider region.


The facility would use safe and reliable technology to transform 330,000 tonnes per annum (tpa) of waste left over from the recycling process into energy and other reusable by-products.

This waste would otherwise be sent to landfill or exported abroad. In 2019, SEPA reported that 1.46M tonnes of non-recyclable waste (household and similar wastes) arising in Scotland was sent to landfill. If the infrastructure existed, this waste could be sent to an ERF and turned into energy.

The ERF will generate around 34.1MW of electricity, of which 30.7MWe will be exported to the national grid.  This is enough electricity to power around 82,200 homes, over half the homes in South Lanarkshire (145,000 households in South Lanarkshire – https://www.southlanarkshire.gov.uk).

The project represents the creation of up-to 55, permanent jobs with approximately an additional 500 jobs created during the construction phase.

The site

The Overwood ERF site will be located on the Dovesdale Complex in South Lanarkshire, Scotland. The site is approximately 2 km south-east of the village of Stonehouse, situated near the B7078 (Carlisle Road).

The application site comprises circa 7 hectares of pastoral agricultural land. The site is bound to the north by an access road to Overwood Farm, to the east by the B7078 (Carlisle Road), to the south by agricultural land, and to the west by dense vegetation running adjacent to Cander Water.

The site forms part of the Dovesdale Complex, alongside William Hamilton & Sons (300m north-west of the site) who, on the adjoining site, operate a recycling and inert landfill facility as well as providing bulk haulage capabilities.

William Hamilton and Sons are the owners of the application site and upon consent for the facility, Viridor would enter a long-term lease for the land.

The site is located a short distance west of the M74, providing direct connectivity to the strategic highways network.

Carlisle Road Resource Recovery Facility – Scotgen

The proposed site has been previously earmarked for an Energy Recovery Facility.  Scotgen submitted a planning application for a CRRRF in 2010, that was subsequently approved in February 2011 by South Lanarkshire Council. Officer’s commented that “There is a clear need for the proposed facility, which is set out within national planning and waste policy, particularly the ZWP and the TTWG, to enable waste to be moved up the waste hierarchy, improving recycling and resource recovery rates and thereby reducing landfill rates”.

The planning permission for the CRRRF has been implemented in full, however this planning permission will be revoked should Viridor obtain planning permission for the Overwood ERF. This will be secured via a legal agreement between Viridor, South Lanarkshire Council and the landowners.

Key statistics

  • 82,200 homes

    Generating electricity to power 82,200 homes

  • Circular Economy

    Supporting Scottish Government's climate change and circular economy objectives

  • 330,000 tonnes

    Processing 330,000 tonnes per annum of non-recyclable waste

  • 500 jobs

    Providing 500 jobs during construction

  • £1million

    Annual contribution to South Lanarkshire Council in business rates

  • 55 jobs

    Creating up-to 55 permanent full-time jobs when operational