The Planning Application

Viridor is in the process of preparing a planning application for the proposed Overwood ERF, including an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) that will be submitted to South Lanarkshire Council in Spring/Summer 2021.

Our consultation programme

Ahead of a planning application being submitted in Spring/Summer 2021, Viridor undertook a programme of consultation with the local community.

As part of this programme, Viridor held two virtual exhibitions to provide interested parties with detailed information about the proposals and to record feedback.

During both virtual exhibitions, visitors had an opportunity to talk directly to members of the project team via scheduled live chat sessions and to submit their feedback via the online feedback form.

Two newsletters were issued to announce each stage of the consultation programme. Click here to download the first newsletter (03/02/2021). Click here to download the second newsletter (01/04/2021).

The first virtual exhibition is currently available on this website, please click here to visit the Virtual Exhibition. During the first exhibition, we held two live chat events, taking place on:

  • Thursday 18th February 2021 – 2pm to 6pm
  • Thursday 25th February 2021 – 4pm to 8pm

The second virtual exhibition is currently available on this website, please click here to visit the second Virtual Exhibition. During the second exhibition, we held two live chat events, taking place on:

  • Thursday 8th April 2021 – 2pm to 6pm
  • Thursday 15th April 2021 – 4pm to 8pm

Feedback from this consultation process will be used to help inform the final design and assessments.

The Planning Application

The Planning Application will require an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) which will assess the effects of the proposed development on a variety of environmental factors and where significant impacts are identified, the assessments will set out appropriate mitigation measures.

A pre-application consultation exercise was undertaken with South Lanarkshire Council to agree the scope and approach of technical studies to support the planning application for the development of the proposed ERF.

The EIA is comprised of a full range of technical studies and assessments that Viridor is undertaking in support of the Planning Application, including the following:

  • Transport Assessment
  • Ecological Assessment
  • Flood Risk Assessment
  • Lighting Assessment
  • Noise Assessment
  • Visual Impact Assessment
  • Air Quality Assessment

The technical assessments are still underway, but a current picture of the findings of the studies being undertaken has been provided in the second virtual exhibition. The detailed findings of each impact assessment will be provided within the application documents, once submitted.


Once the planning application has been submitted, South Lanarkshire Council will undertake their own assessment of the planning application seeking the views of statutory consultees, stakeholders and the local community before reaching a decision on whether to grant consent.

If the plans go ahead and planning consent is granted by South Lanarkshire Council, construction is likely to begin in late 2022 and will take approximately three years to build.

Timeline of Events

Expected application submission date

Determination Period

Council Decision

Construction begins

Operational ERF